Charter Fishing in Vero Beach for Snook

Wondering what species of fish a Vero Beach charter fishing trip will yield? How about if you are fishing in Cocoa Beach or Sebastion Inlet? All these regions and sport fishing hot spots of the Florida Space Coast and Indian River Lagoon means a chance at a wide variety of highly sought after species. One species that tops the lists of many local fishing guides and charter Captains is Snook. 

Snook are one of the most sought after inshore sport fish and are very popular around the Indian River Lagoon. Its super fighting ability has given it a cult following, and there are actually fishing clubs formed around this fish that only target snook. For good action and straight fighting ability, snook are hard to top. They strike like lightning and jump repeatedly throughout the battle. They dive back to the bottom, run frequently and pull with incredible strength. Although anglers venture to this region to get in tune or in touch with nature this formidable sport fishing species offers a true test of man, or woman, against nature.

Indian River Lagoon Snook Fishing

Snook are one of the hardest hitting fish on the flats of the Indian River Lagoon. They frequent all regions of the Lagoon and you will find anglers and guides Snook fishing in Cocoa Beach regions all the way south to Sebastian Inlet and Vero Beach. 

Snook aren't just in the Indian River Lagoon, they in fact are caught as far north as Jacksonville on the east coast and as far north as the panhandle on the Gulf coast. Snook are more abundant though from around Cocoa Beach on the east coast to Clearwater on the Florida Gulf Coast. These areas stay warmer than extreme northern Florida and snook are a warm water fish.